Proper Fuses and Breakers

ANL Fuses are often used and in some SPL organizations are a requirement.

***PLEASE NOTE*** All information on this site is for educational and informational processes.  Any guidelines, tips or recommendations are considered general knowledge and we strongly encourage you to consult with a professional before installing, adjusting, or altering a car audio system.

Proper electrical including installing fuses is vital to protecting your equipment and vehicle from power surges. Just like when using home electronics and using a surge protected outlet strip, in your vehicle that same protection keeps equipment from being damaged when electrical spikes occur.

Amplifiers and subwoofers vary in make and models each with differant tolerances for power input and output. Be sure to understand the basics of your equipment in order to match the proper fuses and electrical installations for ideal installation.

For more on proper fusing and circuit breakers watch this video by Sonic Electronix: